Design & Planning
Prepare your fitness space to perfection

Boutique gyms can revolutionise your appeal as a commercial facility, and your revenue potential. To equip and maintain your exceptional training haven, we believe the proof is in the planning, which is why we use 3D design technology of the highest calibre. Stunningly realistic virtual views bring your ideas to life, offering the best preparation for you, your staff and your clients. Effective design ensures comfort and safety, inspiring everyone to achieve their goals.


Boutique gyms will visit your location to provide a comprehensive site survey, and invaluable financial and leasing advice. We have an entirely hands-on approach, which is truly appreciated by our clients. It is important for them to share ideas and feel reassured that people, rather than programmes, are managing their project. You can count on us to take the utmost care to arrange customisation, delivery, installation and maintenance of your equipment.


We deliver the most thrilling, bespoke planning experience from the simplest of sketches. By importing and tracing preliminary drawings, we can create a 2D layout of your gym and begin to add equipment to build up a detailed floor picture. With the click of a button, your plan can be rendered into a stunning 3D depiction.

Images can be seen from multiple angles and elevations, and adaptations to the position of your equipment can be made in seconds. We will guide you on walk-through videos, and an immersive 360° panoramic tour of your gym, providing expert advice along the way. With the addition of flooring and wall graphics for individuality and integration of your brand, there is no more realistic or exciting way to visualise your space.

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