Design & Planning
Prepare your fitness space to perfection.

We believe the proof is in the planning, which is why we use only the very best 3D design technology to bring your ideas to life. Boutique gyms can revolutionise your appeal as a boutique facility, and your revenue potential. The layout of your fitness space needs to work for you, your staff and your clients. Effective design will enable your trainers and members to work out in comfort and safety, and will inspire them to achieve their goals. 

Boutique gyms will visit your location to provide a comprehensive site survey, and invaluable financial and leasing advice. We have an entirely hands-on approach, which is truly valued by our clients. They like to discuss ideas and feel reassured that a person, rather than just a programme, is managing their project.  You can count on us to take the utmost care to arrange branding, delivery, installation and maintenance of your equipment, so that you can take care of your clientele.

We deliver the most thrilling, bespoke planning experience from the simplest of sketches. By importing and tracing preliminary drawings, we can create a 2D layout of your gym and begin to add equipment to build up a detailed floor picture. With the click of a button, your plan can be rendered into a stunning 3D depiction.

Images can be seen from multiple angles and elevations, and adaptations to the position of your equipment can be made in seconds. We will guide you on walkthrough videos, and an immersive 360 degree panoramic tour of your gym, providing expert advice along the way. With the addition of flooring and wall graphics to incorporate your brand, there is no more realistic or exciting way to visualise your space.

Boutique fitness studio

Set your boutique studio ablaze with our electrifying designs and state-of-the-art cardiovascular and resistance equipment for the ultimate fitness experience. From flooring to lighting and acoustics, we have every detail covered for your group workouts and dedicated boutique community. Our bespoke designs combine luxury and affordability to inspire the most dynamic training and promote relaxation and wellness.

School / College gym

School and college play a crucial role in building physical confidence and self-esteem, so it is essential that we offer students and staff an inspirational space where they feel comfortable and motivated to exercise. By sowing the fitness seeds early in school, young people are more likely to stay faithful to their goals and lead healthy lives. Our meticulous attention to detail and customisation options give students a true sense of aspiration and belonging.

Personal training studio

With an increasing number of talented PTs looking to manage their own studio, we have the expertise and technology to optimise even the most challenging spaces to enliven one-to-one and small group training. Clever interior design, supreme craftsmanship and inspirational accessories make for achievable goals, and dynamic training that won’t break the bank.

Hotel gym

Even the most committed of fitness enthusiasts find it tricky to maintain their regime whilst travelling. Imagine retreating to your hotel room to have your own personalised fitness suite and programming await you.   With Boutique gyms it has never been easier to stay in shape whilst away from home. Intelligent design, and careful selection of leading-edge, compact and interchangeable fitness pieces will maintain good training habits, improve sleep patterns and make staying away more relaxing and pleasurable.

CrossFit gym

Your CrossFit kit needs to work as hard as your clients to cope with the most demanding training environment. At Boutique gyms we advise on and install the most suitable functional flooring for your choice of equipment, offering a spectacularly versatile range of rigs, custom sprint tracks and fitness accessories for your dedicated workout zones. Get set for durability, diversity and seriously explosive training.

Garden gym

Create a beautifully unique home fitness sanctuary for you, your family and clients by utilising your garden space. We design and equip light and airy fitness suites that transform your home and physical and emotional well-being. Planning regulations are less stringent than you might think, and garden rooms can be as adaptable and versatile as you wish. The scope is endless, and the results exquisite.

Residential gym

Fitness provision is an expectation for students, young professionals and retired people living in modern, communal housing. A high-end facility on site is a must, and importantly one that is designed and arranged for every day functional fitness. We can create motivational surroundings with innovative and versatile equipment for the busiest lifestyles.

Home office gym

If you can’t escape to the gym, then take your escape to the office. Exercise breaks boost productivity, self-confidence and give you more energy, so it’s no wonder more and more people are opting for an integrated fitness space. Our exercise equipment not only offers superb functionality, but also has the stylish, bespoke elements that compliment your office furniture and decor to tee. Keeping to your personalised fitness routine has become a whole lot simpler.


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