Versaclimber Club
The original cardio climber since 1981.

Versaclimber has remained a trusted name in fitness for 35 years, and the number one leader in total body, vertical training. With its unique arm and leg pushing and pulling action, studies prove that moving your arms above your heart and over your head creates better circulation and longer lasting cardio results.

Versaclimber Club £4074.00

The Versaclimber provides the ultimate climbing-style training regime, designed to continuously engage both the upper and lower body in a zero-impact, high calorie burning workout. It engages all major muscle groups; arms, chest, shoulders, back, glutes, hips and legs, in a single natural motion. The Versaclimber is also ideal for people with previous lower body injuries, or those who want to avoid high impact exercise such as running.


Novice and intermediate users find the Versaclimber Club ideal for both starter-sessions and intense workouts. As well as helping to quickly burn calories and build strength, sessions can be tailored to reach individual fitness goals. The Versaclimber Club offers a wide range of cardio and strength work. Whether you prefer long muscle toning leg strides, explosive sprints or a range of movement somewhere in between, the Club can be tailored to suit you.


The Versaclimber Club is popular with new gym members and for people exercising at home, the enduring attraction of the Versaclimber Club is its versatility. It is capable of delivering a lighter but challenging workout, thanks to a lower step height of 1-10 inches, as opposed to the 1-20 inches on other models in the Versaclimber range, and can be as easy or demanding as the user desires. Designed and developed with feedback from enthusiasts, the Versaclimber actively engages and tones all the major muscle groups. Research shows Versaclimbing for 20 minutes or less, is more time efficient and more effective than treadmills, ellipticals, steppers and bikes.

Product Features;

  • Cross-crawl functionality
  • Casual full-body workout
  • 1-10 inch step height
  • Intelligent user-friendly console
  • Small footprint
  • Hi-Tri compatibility for training with friends


Dimensions (L x W x H): 122 x 122 x 239 cm

Weight: 70kg

Warranty: 3 years frame, hand rails, base support and hydraulic motor, 2 years labour, foot pedals, handles, chains and sprockets, rollers and slides, 1 year electronics, hand grip, foot pedal straps and handrail foam covers

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