Brio Sport

Positive Posture curates the most stunning, rejuvenating home and office furnishings from the world’s top designers and ergonomists.Distinctive design takes furniture beyond aesthetics and effectual movement. It weaves the two into something that is no longer just a piece of furniture, but rather an exquisite experience. Positive Posture creations emerge from leading visionaries in the field of industrial art and design.

Positive Posture’s seating has a profound impact on your health and happiness, catering to the body’s every movement to enhance the way you work, relax and sleep. Crafted to the highest quality standards, Positive Posture designs provide endless hours of soothing comfort, support and delight for a lifetime of wellness and timeless style.

Positive Posture‘s Brio Sport is the first, and only, massage chair developed specifically for the fitness and wellness industry and for recovery. Owning this chair is like adding a sports massage clinic to your home or facility. Fitness exerts and physical therapists all agree that recovery from physical activity is a vital element of any complete health and stress management routine. Perform better, feel better, reduce stress and spend more time doing what you love. With its variety of massage programmes, and choice of easy-to-clean coverings, the Brio Sport has been designed to accommodate pre- and post-exercise needs.

Massage Features:

Other: fitness-focussed pre-programmed sessions include Warm Up and Cool Down.

Visualise: Core Rotation and Compression features.

Focussed Sessions: for the neck, shoulders, lower back, glutes and IT bands.

Sports Massage Session: more intense than the average massage to hydrate muscle tissues and release trigger points.

Recovery Session: slower and focusses on moving lymphatic fluid to flush out waste by-products that typically follow an intense workout.

Stretch Session: focusses on increasing mobility in the pectorals and quads.

Product Features;

  • Developed specifically for the fitness and wellness industry
  • Automatic reclining function
  • Sport 4D massage mechanism with deep tissue capability
  • Infrared health
  • Easy-clean synthetic leather
  • Reclines to zero gravity position
  • Commercial pricing and leasing options available
  • Air massage for body and mind
  • Pinpoint calf massage
  • “Hot rocks” heated rollers
  • Chromotherapy soothing colours
  • 11 pre-programmed sessions
  • 11 manual massage types
  • 56 air cells
  • Wall hugging technology


Width: 85cm (33.5 inches)

Height: 122cm (48 inches)

Upright length: 150cm (59 inches)

Recline length: 203cm (80 inches)

User weight limit: 120kg (265lbs)

User height range: 5’0″- 6’5″

Net weight: 114kg (251lbs)

Boxed weight: 89 kg (196lbs) (box 1)

Boxed weight: 55 kg (121lbs)  (box 2)

Power requirements: 120 Volts AC / 60 Hertz (USA and Canada)

Warranty: 1 year commercial, 3 years home

Brio Sport

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