Octagon T1™ Free Standing Rig £3480.00

The desire to innovate and inspire is central to the Escape Fitness ethos. Founded in 1998, Escape Fitness has built a reputation for product innovation, quality and design, whilst growing and competing through great partnerships in multiple markets worldwide. Escape is constantly looking to push the boundaries to create the extraordinary.

Escape has helped improve the bottom lines of over 1000 fitness clubs and key distributors in 80 countries. Committed to functional training, Escape works with clubs to deliver the best possible exercise experiences. The  company slogan, ‘Escape Your Limits’, is fundamental to every Escape Fitness offering.

The Octagon™ T1 is the most space-efficient functional training frame on the market. It’s compact, yet accommodates group training sessions that blend multiple exercise styles into each workout. With four configurations to choose from, every club can select one or more T1 frames to perfectly match the needs of their trainers and members.

Product Features;

  • Superb, space-efficient free standing frame
  • Perfect for group training and multiple exercise styles
  • Huge benefits for clubs, trainers and clients
  • Great for those who have mastered the basics of functional training and want to push harder
  • Four configurations to choose from
  • Single Leg Frame
  • Pull up station, boxing arm, dip station, torso trainer, claw and battle rope eye


Height: 2.6m

Width: 1.6m

Depth: 1.6m

Working area: 4.8 x 4m

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