NuFit Elite 530 Set (Black)

NuFit comprises a team of researchers, athletes, fitness pioneers, and physicians committed to improving the way we train. NuFit has reshaped personal fitness equipment for the 21st Century. Its innovative NuBells product line challenges the more traditional design of dumbbells and free weights with human biomechanics in mind.

NuFit’s revolutionary range of weights and bars are balanced and versatile, and create a unique barbell system. Due to their circular construction, NuFit weights feel more kinetically correct and reduce stress on the joints and risk of injury. The NuFit team understands that only you can achieve your fitness goals, with persistence propelling you across the finish line. It is NuFit‘s single desire to provide the next generation of fitness innovation to empower everyone to excel at any level.

Complementing the athlete’s natural movements, NuFit’s circular weights work more efficiently with the body to alleviate and reduce common training injuries. With weight encircling the hand, NuBells feel more kinetically correct and are therefore, perfect for rehabilitation. Their balanced construction is safer on tendons and ligaments, and relieve the joints and arm of the torque experienced whilst using dumbbells. NuBells allow for more fluid performance of kettlebell movements, without the risk of wrist strain, and have revolutionised yoga and barre classes for safe and focused body sculpting and mindfulness.

NuBells can be slipped onto the curl or straight NuBar, creating a versatile barbell system to complete your gym. Each bar is manufactured from heavy gauge steel, and has an easy button release and latch locking system to secure the NuBells. NuFit’s compact and stylish racks offer the perfect storage solution for any home or commercial facility. Intelligent design, and the elimination of multiple dumbbell and barbell sets, ensure you have more space, time and comfort for an exceptional fitness experience.

Product Features;

  • Elite 530 Set – 6 pairs of 5 – 30lbs NuBells (5lb increments) and vertical stand including NuFit straight bar and storage
  • The straight bar converts NuBells to a barbell system
  • Designed with human biomechanics in mind
  • Modern compact design standing at 1m 52 (60 inches) high
  • Capable of versatile workouts to target the entire body
  • Safer on joint tendons, nerves and ligaments
  • Circular design distributes weight evenly
  • Reduce tennis elbow injuries with open palm exercises
  • Perform kettlebell movements more fluidly with undue wrist strain


Dimensions: 83 x 51 x 145 cm  (32.8 x 20 x 57 inches)

Weight of rack only: 58kg (128 lbs)

Rack colour: black

Warranty: 1 year

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