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California-based company MostFit® strives to provide unique and effective  products to the fitness community to make optimum performance more accessible. MostFit® is dedicated to promoting fitness for health and happiness. Its goal is to make fitness enjoyable, accessible and realistic. These factors are paramount in creating a healthy body image and ultimately, success. MostFit® designs and manufactures some of the funkiest functional fitness products in the industry, which Boutique gyms is delighted to supply in the UK.

The MostFit® Core Hammer is revolutionising small group classes and one-to-one training. Ideal for cardio, strength, core, rotational and impact exercises, the MostFit® Core Hammer is portable, versatile and so enjoyable to work out with.


Swing the Core Hammer like a sledgehammer against the ground, wall, driveway, cement floor, or use it like a mace to develop shoulder strength, mobility and stability. The long lever and distally loaded end provide endless options for unilateral and asymmetrical strength challenges, core exercises and rotational work.


The MostFit® Syn Ring Olympic Bar Attachments add a new type of intensity and instability element to weight training and functional fitness workouts. Syn Rings allow the user to suspend weight plates from an Olympic weightlifting bar, creating instability and forcing the user to engage more core and stability muscles to increase overall strength. With Syn Rings, the weight plates can move in all directions, and are portable and easy to store, Syn Rings can go with you anywhere, fit in a drawer, or a small spot on the functional training zone floor.

MostFit® Core Hammer Workout

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