The Power Of A Fitness Tracker

Posted In Latest Technology   |   04th December 2017

MyZone is the exercise tracker that has the potential to revolutionise your facility. It’s the one that gets everyone talking and, more importantly, pushing to their limits. MyZone is THE most accurate and versatile wearable available, and the one that boutique gym owner, Kevin Yates of Trib3, believes has played a significant role in retaining clients, and developing a thriving community.

With MyZone, physical activity is verifiable with real-time feedback, which increases motivation and skyrockets accountability. The MyZone belt, worn around the chest, identifies, rewards and adapts the user’s personal fitness zones, displaying that information in five simple colour-coded tiles. It tracks heart rate, activity time and calories burned and, unlike other wristband trackers, can be trusted to provide accurate effort readings, no matter what the chosen form of exercise.

MyZone is simple and easy to understand, with the versatility to stream live statistics to the screens in your fitness club, your smartphone and third party apps and devices. The instant, personalised feedback is highly attractive to clients who expect results and want to share their successful fitness data on social media. This information is also crucial to their trainers, as it enables them to track their clients’ physical activity outside of the club and help them stay on course.

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