The Impact Series Rower has a premium steel construction, 22” HD touchscreen and hundreds of content options to keep you challenged and motivated. Crush your fitness goals with fully animated video games, guided workouts, virtual rows and a YouTube Integration. You’ll never use boredom as an excuse to skip a workout again.

Aviron understands that training can be monotonous. With this in mind, the Aviron specialists have created the most exciting and engaging workouts to transport you to scenic destinations, and terrain of fierce competition and self-reformation. Unleash endorphins, crush calories, strengthen muscle, and build endurance with Aviron‘s exhilarating challenges that connect you with others and hold you accountable to your goals. Aviron motivates you to work out more often and with greater intensity.

You won’t find a more versatile rower. At the highest resistance levels, Aviron builds strength. Choose a workout and let Aviron guide you through a HIIT style workout that takes you on and off the rower. Let Aviron’s AI automatically adjust your resistance or adjust the resistance using the touchscreen.

Why row?

Engage more muscles

Rowing requires the use of 85% of your muscles, simultaneously engaging both the upper and lower body.

Build muscle

Rowing is about force and power. Turn up the resistance and increase stroke speed to build more muscle.


Product Features:

  • Innovative dual air and magnetic resistance system: The gradual resistance delivered by the air system mimics the feeling of rowing through water, whilst the resistance delivered by the magnetic system provides exceptionally strong and smooth torque that can be adjusted on the fly.
  • Space saving design: Storing is simple and easy through a patented folding structure and 4 wheels.
  • Premium construction: Advanced structural design makes it lightweight yet strong.
    Having undergone over 1 million testing cycles at peak force, maximum durability and reliability are assured.



Frame: high strength aluminium

Resistance: 16 level dual air and magnetic system

Belt: whisper poly V-belt

Dimensions: 246 x 53 x 108 cm

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