HOLD STRONG Elite Performance Rack

HOLD STRONG Fitness GmbH is a project that originated in 2015 in Dortmund, Germany, with the ethos “To deliver the most functional and versatile equipment that doesn’t yet exist, one must simply create it.” The company first started with the production of high end pull up bars, and has recently taken the next step into the functional fitness market. Customised rigs have evolved in every size, shape and colour imaginable to HOLD STRONG‘s unsurpassable level of precision manufacturing and quality.

HOLD STRONG is forward-looking with a holistic approach to training that has given rise to one of the most exciting and inventive ranges of equipment in the industry. Perfect for both home and commercial fitness studios, HOLD STRONG’s racks, weights, plates, intelligent solutions and fun, innovative, ever-expanding range of functional accessories offer the complete fitness package, with durability and affordability guaranteed.

The HOLD STRONG Fitness Performance Rack with power rack, cable pull station, wall bars, lat pulldown and lever arms is undoubtedly one of the highlights of our Elite Series. It is ideal for gyms and performance centres looking to offer their athletes a great training experience. Combined with an intelligent filing system, the system guarantees versatility in training in a perfectly organised environment.

Product Features:

  • Exemplary solution for clubs and performance centres
  • Crossover cable for one- and two-sided training of the entire body
  • Wall bars for rehabilitation, strength training and mobility
  • Heavy-duty power rack with adjustable dumbbell rack
  • Lever arms for explosive upper body training – perfect for martial arts, football and bodybuilding
  • Ergonomic pull-up bar with non-slip coating
  • Quality steel construction 80 x 80 x 4 mm / 100 x 80 x 4 mm
  • Lat pulldown for isolated back training
  • Intelligent organisation system for weights and small items of equipment
  • Custom dimensions, colours and logo available
  • Compatible with ELITE accessories
  • Colour combination of your choice on request
  • Height adjustable lever arms and wall bars
  • Expandable on request
  • Bespoke construction possible
  • Height adjustable (maximum 229cm)



Dimensions (H x W x D): 2390 x  6265 x 2472 mm

Product weight: 700kg

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