Hips Armour®– Glutebuilder® Barbell Pad

German manufactured to the highest standards, and ASTM certified, the Glutebuilder® is a versatile, space efficient product that can be used to perform over 30 different free weight glute exercises. It is ideal for personal training, small group classes and every type of user. With the Glutebuilder®, exercises can be performed with just body weight or resistance bands to begin with, then progressed with the addition of weights, more advanced resistance bands and exercises and a half rack.

The Glutebuilder® addresses challenges normally associated with performing the barbell hip thrust. It features a height-adjustable bench fixed to two lateral supports over an anti-slip platform. This ensures the bench does not move during exercise, and the supports allow the barbell to be rolled and positioned on to the user’s hips with ease.

The Glutebuilder® incorporates integrated weight plate horns and resistance band hooks, making it an all-in-one product to perform all core free weight glute exercises.

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