Sniper Fitness, Scarborough
T.E.A.M - Together Everyone Achieves More

With their T.E.A.M ethos, Together Everyone Achieves More, Sniper Fitness Scarborough offers the most dynamic boutique training experiences in the north-east. Boutique gyms is delighted to have helped Sniper up their game to create a training space that incorporates some of the most innovative and motivational equipment in the fitness industry.

Sniper Fitness was established in 2013 with the famous and twice Yorkshire Choice Awards nominated Sniper Bootcamps. The spirit of Sniper is based on service, education and motivation to provide long-term, sustainable results for the ‘recruits’, with enjoyment at the heart of these.


Membership offers the choice of mixing and matching outdoor and indoor workouts with team Sniper. Sessions are based on a personal choice of any structured, 1 hour sergeant-led ‘operation’. Operations are available either as Bootcamps, based outdoors on Scarborough’s north side beach front, or as Sniper HQ 300, at Londesborough Road Business Park. A 2,300 sq/ft ‘Battlefield’ can be found here, armed with every exercise option imaginable, including the ingenious Frog and iconic Torque Fitness Tank. Workouts are designed to motivate Sniper recruits to give 100%, regardless of age, sex, size or current fitness level. The environment is focused on teamwork and results that could not be achieved alone.

Sniper Fitness owners Mark Millard, Laura Baudoino and Chris Stubbings were keen to offer their recruits a unique, open and clutter-free “Battlefield”, and set off their vibrant green sports turf and stunning strip lighting around the gym’s mirrors. They were attracted to boutique gyms for our portfolio of exclusive products and complete turnkey package, of design, supply, installation and finance, to bring the most exciting niche products to Scarborough’s fitness community.

Sniper is home to the Inspire Fitness FT2 ‘fully loaded” functional trainer, The Abs Company AbCoaster CS1500, StairMaster HIIT Mill, Tornado Air Bike, Torque Fitness Tank and Inspire Fitness FID benches. Two custom UK manufactured dual sleds in green and black match the striking Sniper colour scheme, along with a comprehensive range of strength and conditioning equipment. This includes free weights and accessories from Impulse Fitness, Reebok, Jordan Fitness and Gym Gear.

The camaraderie and healthy competitiveness of Sniper small group training offers the perfect environment to achieve, and maintain, optimal results. We wish everyone at Sniper Fitness the best of luck with their inspirational training. Thank you for making boutique gyms part of your T.E.A.M.

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