Signature Fit Club, Liverpool
One extraordinary training hub in the city's business district

As many a New Year’s resolution starts to wilt by the wayside, our focus at Boutique gyms is on a facility that is hitting all the right notes with its members, and keeping them on target.

Signature Fit Club is an extraordinary hub that has a special place in the heart of Boutique gyms, and in the heart of its Liverpool client-base. Situated in the city’s business district, and close to the iconic waterfront, it is the gym on every Scouser’s lips, and the one that boutique fitness managers all around the country are looking up to.

Signature Fit Club is deservedly enjoying rave reviews on TripAdvisor, where the public pull no punches and tell it like it is. In a nutshell, Director Bern Giam and his team are offering the perfect package and delivering results. Members are describing it as “exceptional,” “superb,” “brilliant” and “the best gym ever.” So, just what is the SFC secret recipe?



Signature’s success lies in the whole ambiance that resembles a club rather than a gym. Members say they feel part of a movement, a vibe that leaves them yearning for more. Bern has invested in outstanding equipment, lighting and amazing playlists. Possibly his most valuable assets are his staff, who are supremely skilled at understanding and communicating with their clients. SFC’s trainers make their clients feel relaxed, supported, valued and part of a very special community. There are no inflated egos, and the members’ achievements and goals are paramount.

At SFC there is a good mix of men and women, of different ages and abilities, and a superb schedule that fits around the working day. With exhilarating HIIT, Spin, Boxing, Bootcamp and Martial Arts classes there is something for everyone, and the standard is second to none. Bern’s one-to-one BOX classes in the newly installed club ring make for a very personal and dynamic experience, which is becoming increasingly popular among women, who are feeling stronger and more empowered through boxing.


“Sigfitters” highly commend the bespoke exercise programmes and nutrition and lifestyle guidance they receive that keeps them on track both inside and outside of the club.  Attention to detail and cleanliness, both in workout areas and in the changing rooms, is hugely appreciated and plays a more significant role in the quest to retain members than many might believe.


At Boutique gyms we feel honoured to have worked with Bern and his team, and eager to see this exceptional club continue to thrive. For more about our work with Signature Fit Club, and their inspirational philosophy, please head for our Projects section and

“Helping people reach their goals and get the most out of life, is not a job, it is a privilege.”

Bern Giam, Director, Signature Fit Club


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