Glutebuilder® Meraki
Commercial-grade high quality equipment designed to suit all your training needs and workout at the comfort of your home.

Glutebuilder® offers a safe, comfortable, effective and hassle-free solution to train the glutes. No more hassle to move benches, resistance bands or weights. Perform the most effective glute exercises effortlessly, while saving space. With Glutebuilder® you can perform more than 40 glute and leg exercises in just a few square meters.

Toned glutes for the perfect posterior are now high on the agenda for gym goers worldwide. Gym80’s Glutebuilder is a multifunctional machine designed to provide a hassle-free way to perform effective free weight glute exercises. Whether the end goal is aesthetic, or for improved sports performance, the rise of glute training in the media means that members are now looking for a safe, convenient solution to replicate this in their local facility

The GluteBuilder incorporates additional features such as integrated weight plate horns and resistance band hooks, making it an ‘all in one’ product that can be used to perform all core free weight glute exercises including:

  • all hip thrust variations
  • deadlift variations
  • reverse hyper variations
  • Nordic hamstring curls
  • Bulgarian split squats
  • resistance band squats



  • Virtually maintenance-free.
  • Compact designed for reduced training space.
  • Prevent any floor damage. Discs are left half an inch off the floor.
  • Carefully designed. Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Keep training space tidy. Integrated storage solution for barbell and weight discs.
  • Intuitive and minimum set up.
  • Free access to exercises library.


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