Glutebuilder® Box
Commercial-grade high quality equipment designed to suit all your training needs and workout at the comfort of your home.

The GLUTEBUILDER® BOX is a revolutionary patented new high density foam. Specifically designed to carry out more than 30 glutes exercises, in a more effective, comfortable and safe way.

Glutebuilder® Box £449.99

Unique versatility with more than 30 exercises for glutes and legs. Free access to exercise library. Patented angled design makes training more effective, convenient and safe.

High density foam and rounded edges made for maximum comfort. Train anywhere, in a reduced space, at any floor type.


  • The angled shape increases stability and back external support.
  • Prevents users from sliding backwards.
  • Provides a consistent point of contact.


Working platform area 29″ x 29″ / 75×75 cms
Front Height 12.5″  (32cms)
Back Height 17″ (43cms)
Weight 32 pounds / 14.5 kgs

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