Virgin Active Mansion House
A state-of-the-art powerhouse

Virgin Active, Mansion House, is situated in Little Trinity Lane, in the heart of the City of London. It is Virgin Active’s latest City Collection club, and is quite a powerhouse. Located in a formidable building, with even more spectacular surroundings, Mansion House offers state-of-the art interior design, revolutionary equipment and exceptional service. Studios are light, airy, inspiring spaces where you can have fun, forget frustrations and feel fitter. Mansion House is the perfect place to relax, recuperate and recharge with stunningly chic chill-out and changing areas, and special little extras.

Boutique Gyms found the prospect of working with Virgin Active’s latest City Collection club, Mansion House, as thrilling as the H.E.A.T classes it is already renowned for. H.E.A.T. is Virgin Active’s “newest and toughest class yet”. H.E.A.T consists of 60 minutes of intense, sports-based group training that focuses on agility, speed, power and stamina.

It conditions the body to efficiently use its energy sources for maximum athletic output. Fans of H.E.A.T say the best of the burn is the thrill of the kit, which ranks among the most ingenious and effective in the fitness industry. H.E.A.T uses state-of-the-art equipment with resistance training and intense floor cardio to develop a leaner, fitter and stronger physique.

With boutique gyms’ guidance, Virgin Active Mansion House set up a truly incredible functional training zone for its H.E.A.T sessions. We meanwhile, supplied and installed our largest functional training solution to date; an impressive 20 purpose-built Training Wall® panels, all with handles, and a multitude of innovative functional training performance tools.

Boutique gyms provided punch bag arm tools, ground tools, rope pullers, chin up bars and trx hooks. Virgin Active opted for striking black, synthetic turf functional flooring, marked out with 10 6-metre lanes and a Technogym SkillMill at the end of each one. With capacity for around 30 people to train simultaneously, a superb example of space-saving training was born. The Mansion House vision had become a dazzling reality.

I first saw Training Wall® at FIBO 2016 and thought it was a functional training phenomenon. As we at Virgin Active were developing our dynamic H.E.A.T classes, we could clearly envisage a major role for Training Wall® in the programme. We therefore, opted for an impressive 20 panel system at Mansion House, and a more compact solution at Clapham. Virgin Active is delighted to have received extensive  coaching from the Training Wall® product developer and CEO himself, César Muñoz.

Training Wall® is incredibly versatile for group and one-to-one training. Our members love the variety and fun that the wall and its accompanying tools offer, and are reaping huge benefits for their stamina, strength and coordination”

Andy Birch – Head of Fitness, Virgin Active UK

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