Signature Fit Club, Liverpool
Unique fusion workouts

Boutique gyms takes great pride and pleasure in having accompanied Signature Fit Club on its boutique journey. This is Liverpool’s very latest boutique facility, situated in the heart of the city’s business district and close to the iconic waterfront. Signature Fit Club is a boutique gym like no other, with a unique fusion of boxing, high-intensity and strength and conditioning workouts to inspire in the most exhilarating surroundings.

SFC’s high-energy music, from their in-house DJ booth, atmospheric lighting, innovative equipment and luxuriously relaxing changing facilities propel their clients into an environment that is invigorating, fun and effective.

Incorporated into the club’s daily HIIT workouts are Gym Gear Tornado Air Assault Bikes and M Sport Indoor Cycles, Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machines, Concept 2 Ski Ergs, functional flooring, free weights and comprehensive range of Gym Gear accessories, all supplied by Boutique gyms. SFC also has an impressive boxing training ring and a collection of leading-edge water filled punch bags by Aqua Training.

Signature Fit Club is dedicated to those who lead busy lifestyles, but for whom healthy living is a priority. Where every second counts in a day bursting with activity, there is time and space for high-intensity fitness, before or after work and during lunch breaks. SFC understands that for every client personal training requires commitment and investment, and therefore offers a unique style of one-on-one training.

To gain the most out of their SFC experience, clients are assigned not just one expert trainer, but an entire team, motivated to achieving results. Each of their coaches specialises in a different area of fitness and well-being, but they all have two things in common: relentless passion and the ability to help their clients reach their target.

Signature Fit Club’s trainers track and measure their clients’ progress every step of the way, providing invaluable nutrition and lifestyle guidance for their development. With coaches of the highest calibre, vibrant surroundings and impeccable attention to detail, SFC offers a complete ambiance of vitality and belonging.

“We’re very excited to launch the first Signature Fit Club. There is a real demand for boutique style gyms that deliver results for their clients, whilst providing an engaging and fun environment to exercise in. We’ve worked with the Gym Gear brand on a number of occasions and time and time again they deliver the perfect equipment for the style of training we provide.”

Director, Signature Fit Club

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