The complete training and wellness centre for all

Q Fitness is a shiny new, state-of-the-art fitness facility on the outskirts of Wrexham. Situated on one of the largest industrial estates in Europe, Q Fitness opened its doors to the public earlier this month, and is already enjoying huge popularity among neighbouring employees. It was co-directors, Harry Barrett and Jack Bradford’s dream to create a very different corporate gym and, with the help of Boutique gyms, they have succeeded with an impressively unique offering.

Seven months of diligence and meticulous planning have produced an all-inclusive gym with exclusive, motivational equipment for members to get the very most from their functional workout. Harry and Jack were drawn towards the innovative brands aerobis and The Abs Company for dynamic training opportunities. Their choice of TireFlip 180, aerobis Blackthorn battle ropes, Gym Gear sled, aerobis blackPack sand bags and anthracite grey Sprint Tracks turf offer thrilling versatility alongside The Abs Company X3S Pro, BattleRope ST and Life Fitness accessories. Swiss Barbell rubber flooring, in the latest light grey, offers complete protection for the members and their equipment, whilst keeping the ambience light and airy

Following the Q Fitness grand opening, Jack explained the gym’s dedication to developing a health and wellness centre for all:

One of our main aims is to work alongside occupational health faculties of businesses from the industrial estate to help create a fitter local work force. We want to work alongside our members to aid them towards their goals. We will do this by setting up regular consultations to monitor their progress, talk about any issues they may have and support them on their journey. Too many gyms forget about their clients once they have signed a contract, and we are determined not to fall in to that stereotypical trap.”

Harry gave thanks to Boutique gyms for our role in the Q Fitness collaboration:

“We highly recommend boutique gyms, not just because the equipment is some of the best the fitness industry has to offer, but for the outstanding customer service you will receive along the way.”