Your very own Training Wall® fitness retreat

Posted In Brands   |   22nd April 2020

There’s no place like home for a fitness retreat.

As the world rekindles its love for home comforts and serenity, there has never been a better time to consider home improvements, and create a special space for fitness.

Designed and engineered in Barcelona, Training Wall® is the perfect home gym centrepiece, offering endless potential for a powerful, full body workout. It coordinates and balances the upper and lower limbs simultaneously, whilst stabilising the trunk’s muscles to maintain correct alignment throughout exercising. Core stability helps to increase performance and prevent possible injury. Training Wall® allows the entire body and mind to work in harmony with complete postural control, making it ideal for strength and rehabilitation.

The beauty of Training Wall® lies in its space-saving design. Its wall-mounted panels offer complete versatility, allowing you to decide on the size and style of your station. A simple two/four-panel system is ideal for individual and small group functional workouts at home. Training Wall® offers an innovative selection of exercise-specific tools to be used on a quick-release anchor system. This guarantees pace when switching exercises, and endless variety. New for 2020 are the Training Wall® climbing holds, which are great fun for all the family.

For more about this thrilling fitness concept, and all your essential gym design advice, contact CYC.

Sharon Young 

Content Manager

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