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Water Innovation

WaterRower was founded in 1988 by U.S. national team rower and Yale engineering professor John Duke. Duke’s vision was to create a rowing machine that simulates the resistance and feeling of a rowing boat gliding through the water. Widely regarded as the most realistic rowing simulator on the market, WaterRower’s unique WaterFlywheel uses water resistance to replicate the precise physical dynamics of a moving boat; the surest way to emulate the physiological benefits and aesthetic pleasure of rowing. The WaterFlywheel design uses a specially formed paddle to cup the moving water, reducing slippage and producing an unrivalled simulation of rowing. WaterRower blends the tranquillity of moving water, the warmth of wood and the rhythm of motion. The symphony of these elements combine to provide a naturally pleasurable activity, invigorating the body whilst relaxing the mind. The calming tones and smooth action encourage the user from stroke to stroke.

WaterRower provides an impressive range of stylish and practical rowing machines. Manufacturers of beautiful and innovative wood-framed and aluminium water rowing machines, WaterRower has a patented WaterFlywheel that is designed to emulate the dynamics of a boat moving through water. It is quiet, eco-friendly and provides a superb workout for all ages and abilities. All WaterRower machines are meticulously hand made in the U.S, at the brand’s New England factory in Warren, Rhode Island, where the company was founded. All wooden models are crafted from the finest Appalachian hardwoods, sourced only from replenishable forests.

WaterRower has won many design accolades for its smart fusion of aesthetics and functionality, and has been featured at the London Museum of Design, and New York Museum of Modern Art. Predominately run by former international elite rowers, WaterRower’s clientele includes Steven Spielberg, actress Anna Friel and Princess Anne. WaterRower has also starred in the hit drama series’ House of Cards and The West Wing.

With WaterRower there is no jerkiness or jarring on the joints, which is often associated with conventional mechanical rowing machines. There is no solid connection between the user and the moving water, simply an immersed paddle which dampens out any detrimental mechanical feel. Providing some give is important for developing technique and lessening the risk of injury. A uniform stroke is essential to spreading the work more evenly over the muscle groups, working the muscles in proportion to their strength and optimising exercise benefit.

Supreme Workout

Rowing offers a complete body workout like no other, moving the joints through a full and fluid range of motion and helping to prevent arthritis and other related injuries. The WaterRower works 84% of muscle mass. From the tips of the fingers holding the handle/oars, to the balls of the feet connected to the footboard/boat, all the muscles between these two points contribute to the rowing stroke.

The WaterRower is equipped with a comprehensive monitor that offers accurate assessment of the client, including fitness improvement, power outputs and heart rate monitoring (ANT+ or Polar heart rate monitor kit required). WaterRower has developed outstanding education programmes to enlighten the fitness professional on specific aspects of rowing and rowing training.

Kinder on the joints

Rowing is the best exercise for people who suffer from joint pain and arthritis as it moves the joints with minimal impact, aiding lubrication, mobility and overall joint health. As a seated exercise, the smooth, flowing action of rowing removes the weight of the body from the injury-prone joints of the ankle, hip and knees. The load placed on the joints is controlled by the user’s effort when rowing, not body weight. Rowing is suitable for all; young or old, male or female, big or small, fit and not quite so fit.


Stunning features

The WaterRower is quite simply a beautiful piece of fitness equipment. It looks, feels and sounds exquisite. Facilities with as many as 30 machines speak of the hypnotically welcoming resonance. WaterRower is also amazingly economical in every respect. It stores in an upright position when not in use, requiring no greater width than a dining room chair, and can be easily laid out for a quick indoor rowing exercise session. With no mains power, and no need for lubrication or cleaning the flywheel, the WaterRower’s cost per user seat is amongst the lowest in the industry. Designed to require minimal maintenance, the WaterRower will give years of trouble free use and is supported directly by the manufacturer.

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