Versaclimber Home
Sharing many benefits of the Versaclimber professional range, the Home model offers superb value for money

Sharing many benefits of the Versaclimber professional gym range, our Home model weighs in at entry level, representing excellent value for money. The Versaclimber Home provides the same unique climbing action as its sister models, and offers the chance to stay in peak condition without having to meet monthly gym membership fees.

The Versaclimber Home fits easily under a standard 2.44m ceiling, requiring only 92 cm x 112 cm of floor space. It engages all major muscle groups; arms, chest, shoulders, back, glutes, hips and legs, in a single natural motion. Alternatively, you can change hand positions and use it as a stepper, or concentrate on a specific muscle group.

The Versaclimber is a zero impact, non traumatic machine, so there’s no pounding on knees and joints. It is ideal for people with previous lower body injuries or those who want to avoid high impact exercise such as running. Smooth and quiet, you can use the Versaclimber whilst others are reading or watching TV in the same room. A plastic coated cable at the heart of the machine makes for a virtually silent operation.



Performance features:

  • Compact design and small footprint fits most homes
  • Quick and efficient total body workout



  • Floorspace: 112.3 cm x 91.4 cm
  • Height: 229 cm
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labour

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