The original cardio climber since 1981.

The Birth of the Versaclimber

Versaclimber is the innovative creation of the mechanical engineer, Charnitski, who developed the first machine in his own garage back in 1981. With his recognition that no equipment had brought climbing indoors, and the understanding of the tremendous value of total body exercise, in comparison to workouts such as running and cycling, Versaclimber was born. Initially used to prepare NASA astronauts for the rigours of space travel, Versaclimber has been evolving ever since to establish itself as the first choice of professional gyms worldwide, and the number one total-body vertical trainer.



Leading-edge benefits from a trusted brand

Versaclimber has remained a trusted name in fitness for 35 years, and the number one leader in total body, vertical training. With its unique arm and leg pushing and pulling action, studies prove that moving your arms above your heart and over your head stimulates improved circulation and longer lasting cardio results. Versaclimber offers a thorough test of the whole body in one unique space-saving design. It can by used by people of all fitness levels looking to improve their health and strength.


Super efficient workouts

Versaclimber offers a full body, zero impact workout that is suitable for all gym users. It has the flexibility to ease a new member into a measured weight loss campaign, or to push a professional athlete to his/her physical limits. Versaclimber saves valuable time, whilst delivering the most effective fat and calorie-burning workout. Studies have proven that Versaclimber burns more fat and calories in 15 minutes than treadmills, cross trainers, steppers and bikes.

Proudly built in the USA 

Made in California, alongside Heart Rate Monitors, VersaPulleys and ExerVibes, Versaclimber is one of the few remaining cardio equipment manufacturers that continues to manufacture all of its products in the USA. Versaclimber is based on proud tradition, and hand-built for supreme quality and extreme durability.

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