Training Wall® Tools
Our impressive range takes your functional training to the next level

Training Wall® is a state-of-the-art premium fitness concept, designed to offer variety and versatility in even the most space-conscious of gyms. It offers unlimited opportunities for cardiovascular exercise, strength resistance, and a whole spectrum of exercises to improve flexibility, balance and coordination, thanks to its vast range of performance tools and accessories. Training Wall®’s neat and elegant aesthetics make it the ideal functional training system for a boutique fitness environment.

Training Wall® takes your functional training to the next level with its wide range of performance, balance and storage tools. These can be interchanged on any of the 3 panel options swiftly and safely. Each Training Wall® tool is supplied with a safety locking pin to ensure secure attachment to the panel.

Boxing Bar: Use this tool to hang a boxing bag for the most intense training, designed to be used with the heaviest of punch bags.

Cardan Tool: This tool allows you perform exercises with heavy weights, using one or two at the same time, and set the height to suit the user. designed to be used with an Olympic Bar.

Chin Up Bar: A multi-grip bar with durable/comfort rubber grips. Combined with the The Lever Tool it can be used as an assisted chin up device.

Dip Bar: The heavy duty Dip Bar has narrow and wide grip options, designed with durable rubber grips.

Ground Tool: This is perfect for squats, lunges, resistance bands and explosive training.

Jump Plate: Plyometric platform that is fully adjustable to offer 3 different height options.

Low Gravity: Exercise can be performed with a reduction in body load, thus favouring early rehabilitation.

Olympic Bar Holder: This holder can vertically store various length Olympic bars.

The Hook: A multi-functional hook designed for strength agility, and resistance band work. It is suitable for any anchor with a carabiner.

The Lever: This tool is designed to perform postural control exercises and circuit training. Combined with the Chin Up Bar, it can be used as an assisted chin up device.

The Pulley: A x4 pulley that allows a flatter tension curve, with less inertia and more than a 3 metre range of movements. This adjustable pulley, with the handle included, is for use with resistance bands and reformer springs.

TMR Adapter: A bar designed for use with the functional training harness, the Muscle Belt, which is perfect for effective resistance work.


Training Wall® Low Gravity Tool

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