Training Wall® Tool Storage Panel
Keeps all tools to hand and ready for use on one clever panel

Training Wall® is a state-of-the-art premium fitness concept, designed to offer variety and versatility in even the most space-conscious of gyms. It offers unlimited opportunities for cardiovascular exercise, strength resistance, and a whole spectrum of exercises to improve flexibility, balance and coordination, thanks to its vast range of performance tools and accessories. Training Wall®’s neat and elegant aesthetics make it the ideal functional training system for a boutique fitness environment.

Versatility is at the heart of the Training Wall®. Any size facility can have the wall-mounted panels, and you can decide how large or small you would like your station to be. A simple two-panel system is perfect for individual or small group training, whereas fourteen to twenty-panel systems can be used in thrilling, large group HIIT training sessions. Once you have the wall mounts installed, Training Wall® panels are easily interchangeable, giving you complete freedom to mix and match functional training options.

Panels can be customised in a whole range of colours, and produced with special wooden and mirrored finishes to match your surroundings. They can even be vinyl wrapped to incorporate a club logo or the most inspiring of landscapes. Training Wall®‘s quick-release anchor points, compatible with the entire range of Training Wall® tools, are beautifully finished in brushed silver satin steel.


Tool Storage Panel:

Training Wall® is always working to provide solutions for its facilities and trainers to help them to achieve their potential.We understand that most fitness facilities face the challenge of having limited space, and keeping that space tidy and safe, so the Storage Panel is the perfect choice for displaying your functional training accessories. The Tool Storage Panel is a clever piece, specifically designed to store a range of Training Wall® tools and attachments, and always have ready to use. The panel’s most unique feature is that, along with accompanying storage tools, it can accommodate all of the 16 functional training tools and attachments available in the range. 

Performance features:

  • Skilfully engineered and handcrafted in Barcelona
  • Elegant, space-saving design
  • 25 mm thick solid premium hardwood panel
  • Superbly designed, offering safe displaying and accessing of tools
  • 4 mm thick stainless steel quick-release anchor points for swift changes in tools and moving of equipment
  • Interchangeable panels and tools
  • Custom panel colours and finishes, and vinyl wrapping available upon request


  • Panel dimensions: Length 100 cm x Width 100 cm x Thickness 25 mm
  • Maximum user weight: 120 kg (265 lbs)
  • Warranty:  2 years panels, 6 months wearable items

Training Wall®

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