Training Wall® SpinWall
The dynamic inertial device that sets instantaneous momentum

SpinWall is Training Wall®‘s clever and compact device for inertial flywheel training. Inertial exercise is the newest concept in therapeutic and fitness exercise. The difference between inertial training and other forms of exercise is the way we work endurance and speed according to inertial activation. This type of exercise can train both concentrically (contraction of the muscles) and eccentrically (muscle stretching). Inertial training is important for enhancement of correct body posture, and offers a greater challenge in the performance of movement coordination.




The top 5 benefits of inertial exercise:

  • Prevents injuries and permits optimal recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Allows an overload in the eccentric phase of the exercise, leading to better results for coordination, strength and functionality.
  • Inertial activation makes for increase of strength. Other types of machines generate less intensity and optimise just the concentric phase of the exercise.
  • Reduced lung and cardiovascular effort.
  • Inertial exercise stimulates the body’s myofibre. This is important in the activation of the muscular regenerative processes.

The SpinWall inertial device is a patented system that sets the momentum instantaneously for invaluable eccentric work. Momentum can be adapted for different people and exercises. SpinWall conveniently houses 4 adjustable weights that are positioned in the centre of the wheel, offering 4 different levels of intensity, with level 1 being the easiest, and level 4 the most challenging.




SpinWall’s directional pulley allows 360 degree mobility, and the stainless steel Training Wall® anchor points and locking pin provide the safety and variety of exercise opportunities every facility needs. As with all Training Wall® performance tools, the SpinWall can be securely positioned in every type of upper and lower panel, and mounted and dismounted swiftly and smoothly. The SpinWall is also compatible with the motivational and fun, freestanding workout hub, Training Point.

Performance features:

  • Skilfully engineered and handcrafted in Barcelona
  • Unique inertial training device for strength, coordination and correct body posture
  • Elegant and compact
  • High-quality finish
  • Compatible with every type of Training Wall® panel and the Training Point




  • Dimensions:
  • Product weight:
  • Maximum user weight: 
  • Warranty:  2 years panels, 6 months wearable items

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