Providing fitness innovation for the 21st Century

NuFit comprises a team of athletes, fitness pioneers, and physicians committed to improving the way we train. NuFit has reshaped personal fitness equipment for the 21st Century. Their innovative NuBells product line was created to compliment the kinetic movement of the athlete, working naturally and more efficiently with the body to reduce common training injuries that result from the use of more traditional equipment.

The NuFit team understands that only you can achieve your fitness goals, with persistence propelling you across the finish line. It is NuFit’s single desire to provide the next generation of fitness innovation to enable everyone to excel at any level.

NuFit NuBells challenge the more traditional design of dumbbells and free weights with human biomechanics in mind. The team has introduced a revolutionary range of weights and bars that are balanced and versatile, and create a unique barbell system. NuFit weights feel more kinetically correct and, due to their circular construction, reduce stress on the joints and the risk of injury.

Vanta Black NuBells

The latest incarnation of our 21st Century product is more than just a new colour, it’s an attitude. Our Vanta Black NuBells have been forged in the likeness of the popular fitness tools used by the early Greeks, but with all the precision of modern engineering.

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