The most innovative non-motorised treadmill designed to push your limits

Precision performance

HiTrainer is an exclusive collection of athletic training equipment in the form of the self-propelled treadmills, FIT, ATP+ and the PRO, for fitness, sports performance and rehabilitation. It is at the leading edge of evaluation conditioning, speed and power development. HiTrainer challenges traditional running machines by positioning the user in the patented Drive Position, to engage the maximum amount of muscle mass and combine it with interval training.

HiTrainer user-propelled treadmills have no motor, and therefore have no breakdown. The variable resistance sprinting surface allows us to capture whatever energies are pushed by the athlete into the machine, thereby acquiring precise readings of the athlete’s capabilities in real-time feedback.

Putting you in the drive position

It is HiTrainer’s mission to empower everyone, from fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes, to realise their full potential. The exclusive HiTrainer drive position recruits all muscle groups., engaging the posterior chain, the prime movers of DRIVE POSITION PATENTED TECHNOLOGY forward propulsion. The FIT is ergonomically designed to maximise the benefits of sprint training and high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Efficient fitness training and rehabilitation

For fitness and rehabilitation facilities specialising in sports performance, HiTrainer FIT and ATP+ systems provide baseline fitness evaluations, high-intensity interval training and a super-efficient 15-minute cardiovascular workout. Coaches and trainers who include the ATP in their programme love its versatility. For conditioning, rehabilitation, weight management and fitness evaluations, users can choose from walk, sprint, interval or sled protocols.

HiTrainer featured products

HiTrainer conditioning optimises reaction time, speed and recovery to achieve the measurable, competitive advantage.

Who Is Using It?

HiTrainer technology empowers everyone, from fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes, to train to their full potential by peaking the metabolism in super-efficient cardio and strength training sessions.

Differentiate Yourself

Pre-programmed walk, sprint and interval protocols add new variety to your training and a great warm-up tool. Short workouts encourage clients to reach peak speed, and guarantee high user turnover. Sled programmes increase lean mass and sustain metabolic rate during fat loss. HiTrainer is the perfect anchor for cross-conditioning circuits and small group training.

Real Time Feedback

Instant performance feedback motivates users to realise their potential, whilst promoting healthy competition in the facility. HiTrainer provides comprehensive data that evaluates the athlete’s speed. acceleration, explosiveness and balance.


HiTrainer Video

The HiTrainer Pro offers cutting edge data for elite sports and rehabilitation programmes

HiTrainer education

HiTrainer’s range of premium, performance treadmills requires premium training to ensure that you get the very most out of your HiTrainer product. At Boutique gyms we offer specialist installation and a comprehensive education course, given by one of our master trainers. We also guarantee the highest level after-sales service and maintenance options to ensure that you and your HiTrainer are always taken good care of.

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