Gym Wipes® Pure Clear

Made in the USA, Gym Wipes® are the fitness industry’s number one and original sanitizing wipe for cleaning and disinfecting equipment. It is the only cleaning solution that has been thoroughly tested and recommended by major fitness equipment manufacturers to ensure it will not damage any fitness centre surface.

Gym Wipes® reduce equipment maintenance costs improve member satisfaction, and help prevent the spread of germs and other dangerous pathogens. Specially formulated to remove sweat and grime, Gym Wipes® kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi, without the use of harsh chemicals. The soft wipes are alcohol and ammonia-free for gentle cleaning, and have the lowest residue formulas on the market, making them safe on LCD and LED touch-screen panels, streak free and environmentally friendly. The Pure Clear wipe is in fact the only gym wipe on the market specifically designed for touch screen displays.

Features and benefits:

  • Pure & Clear formula for residue-free cleaning
  • Contains the best QUAT formula on the market
  • Helps fight germs whilst cleaning and deodorizing surfaces
  • Will not damage vinyl, rubber, leather, plastic, acrylic, metal, finished wood, or other non-porous surfaces
  • Non-toxic and non-Irritating
  • Contains no harsh chemicals like alcohol, bleach, ammonia or phenol
  • Each roll contains 700 thick and durable 8″x 6″ towelettes. One wipe will clean any piece of equipment

Interested in Gym Wipes® Pure Clear?

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