Gym Wipes®
Relentlessly clean in every situation

Made in the USA, Gym Wipes® are the fitness industry’s number one and original sanitizing wipe for cleaning and disinfecting equipment. The Gym Wipes® solution has been developed hand-in-hand with fitness equipment manufacturers to adhere to their input and guidelines. It works in complete harmony with the equipment to provide the user a more hygienic, fresher experience. Specially formulated to remove sweat and grime, whilst protecting surfaces, Gym Wipes® is the clear choice to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and presentation in your boutique facility.

Gym Wipes® are pre-moistened to consolidate the spray and wipe into one action. They are guaranteed to cover more surfaces evenly, and are conveniently pre-saturated with correct levels of disinfectant. Gym Wipes® offer the most efficient and effective means of protecting your exclusive equipment, your staff and clients. Clean surfaces reduce the probability of catching the common cold and influenza by 80%, and virus transmission can be reduced by up to 60%. There is also significantly less absenteeism in facilities where surfaces are clean.

Gym Wipes® have been tested among fitness users, who feel cleaner and more motivated when using them. For seat pads, benches, hand grips, steel, chrome and rubber surfaces, Gym Wipes® has them every one of them covered.  The EPA registered formulas kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi, without the use of harsh chemicals. The soft wipes are alcohol and ammonia-free for gentle cleaning, and have the lowest residue formulas on the market, making them safe on LCD and LED touch-screen panels, streak free and environmentally friendly. The Pure Clear wipe is in fact the only gym wipe on the market specifically designed for touch screen displays.

Gym Wipes® has an impressive range of stands and dispensers that will keep your facility looking both clean and stylish. Boutique gyms also offers a bespoke branding service to give your dispensers the unique identity they deserve.

Gym Wipes® clean quickly and professionally, whilst providing a product for your clients that is unsurpassed in usability, convenience and effectiveness. Gym Wipes® are recommended and certified by leading equipment manufacturers Cybex, Keiser, Life Fitness, Matrix Fitness, Precor, Pulse Fitness,  Scifit, Star Trac®, Technogym, True Fitness and Woodway.

Filling the 2XL-65 Stainless Stand

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