Escape Fitness PLYO360
Take plyometric training to a new level

Take plyometric training to a new level with multi-planar bounding on the PLYO360. The octagonal shape opens up opportunities for box jump patterns in frontal, lateral and transverse planes. Adding to the challenge are target markings as part of the top surface design, giving users precise areas to aim for.

Train on it and around it, solo or in partner and team exercises, or whenever there’s a need for extra-dynamic plyo workouts. Make the most of the three different sizes of PLYO360. Each is progressively taller than the other and can be connected with Velcro in any combination. It takes just seconds to create multiple height configurations to match different users’ abilities.


Performance features :

  • The patented velcro flaps lock away when not in use, keeping everything neat and tidy.
  • Users can land on their hands or feet using targets featured on the top surface for an extra challenge.
  • Made for the most extreme plyo workouts, a tough outer material is tightly fitted over a firm foam filling.
  • The size and shape contribute to a sturdy experience, whilst non-slip top and bottom surfaces keep the PLYO360 in place on every jump.


01 Green: 300mm x 850mm x 850mm, 12.5kg
02 Blue: 450mm x 850mm x 850mm, 13.5kg
03 Red: 600mm x 850mm x 850mm, 15.5kg

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