Escape Fitness Octagon™
Make more of your gym floor

The Escape Fitness Octagon™ multi-purpose fitness rig makes full use of the space on your gym floor, allowing up to 12 people to work out at the same time on a single frame. It’s also available in a weatherproof version too, so your outdoor space can also be maximised for even more capacity.

Short, fast, effective, whole-body 360 degree workouts allow you to deliver accelerated results to your members, meaning they’ll keep coming back for more. Fun and unlimited cross-training, strength and functional group workouts can be progressed and regressed depending on the user, making it perfect for everyone, from fitness beginners to professional athletes. This allows you to cater for everyone on just one rig, regardless of ability.

The Octagon QUAD™ is a versatile training station that allows up to eight people to complete functional cross training or suspension training group workouts simultaneously. The QUAD™ is great when space is tight as it features all of the key attributes required for cross-training, with the added advantage of increased anchor points for group suspension training.

Performance features:

  • Pro-grade squatting station
  • Torso trainer
  • Pull up bar
  • Monkey bar set
  • Battle rope anchor point
  • 2 x weight horns
  • Up to 6 suspension training anchor points
  • Pro-grade adjustable dipping station

The Octagon ISO™

The Octagon ISO™ is a multi-functional group cross-training station that allows up to six people to workout simultaneously. As the ISO™ fits up against a wall, it’s the ideal solution when space is limited, easily allowing you to maximise your gym floor.

Features and benefits:

  • Pro Grade Squatting Station
  • Torso Trainer
  • Pull Up Bar
  • Battle Rope Anchor Point
  • 2 x Weight Horns

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