Escape Fitness Portable Speed Sled Track

The Portable Speed Track is exactly the same as the Speed Track just portable. Roll out and work out, members can reap the benefits of a speed track without a permanent installation.

Performance features:

Use the Portable Speed Track for sprint training, sled work, TIYR flips and pushes and a variety of other drills.

The Portable Speed Track can be easily rolled out, used for training sessions and packed away after use so facilities do not have to install a permanent track to benefit from speed training.

The Portable Speed Track is available in a variety of widths, lengths and colours to suit the individual needs of any club.


Usage:  TIYRs, Sleds, Sprinting & Explosive Training

Thickness/weight:  12mm/3.24kg per square metre

Product sizes:  width: 1.5m, lengths: 10m, 12m, 15m,20m,25m

Materials:  polypropylene

Colours:  eight different colours

Installation:  self roll

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