Escape Fitness Athletic Training Frames
High performance training for high performing training facilities

Those seeking high performance need training facilities to match. With our range of athletic training frames, elite users have the ideal partner for their squats, presses, pull-ups, big lifts and cardio exercises. These frames give professional sports gyms, universities, colleges and strength-based clubs the ability to provide safe and rewarding workout destinations for their more demanding users.

Performance features:

  • Club: University gyms, competitive and high-performance sports centres and cross training-style clubs.
  • Trainer: Professional conditioning coaches and personal trainers working one-to-one with their clients.
  • Client: Sports teams, competitive athletes and members looking to build muscle, strength and overall lifting performance.
Octagon Half Squad

MONO – 1 user

The MONO gives clubs the core functionality of an Octagon Half Box, with catch racks for barbell lifts and an overhead pull-up attachment. However, by removing extra features like plate storage, we have created a frame with the same build quality but the minimum footprint required for this style of training. The MONO can either be bolted to the gym floor or supplied as a freestanding frame with feet and optional rubber foot pads.

Height x width x depth: 2412mm x 1000mm x 1028mm


HALF BOX – 1 user

A specialist station for strength training, with the outstanding build quality that’s essential for clubs and users who are serious about their performance. Catch racks are in place for barbell lifting, as well as extended catch rack arms for safety when squatting or bench pressing. Six weight horns take care of plate storage, and there are pull-up bars and a horizontal beam for suspension trainers and resistance bands.

Height x width x depth: 2412mm x 1100mm x 1560mm


WOD BOX 248 – 2 users

The all-in-one location for strength workouts, with enough facilities for two people to train simultaneously. Catch racks, extended catch rack arms and catch straps are included, along with locators for adjustable pins for use with resistance bands. Pull-up bars are also there for bodyweight exercises. Available with or without plate storage facilities.

Height x width x depth (without storage): 2512mm x 1400mm x 2250mm
Height x width x depth (with storage): 2512mm x 1791mm x 2960mm


WOD BOX 279 – 2 users

Adding an extra 30cm in height to the WOD BOX 248 makes the WOD BOX 279 our ultimate high performance strength station. That extra overhead clearance will be welcomed by the biggest lifters who want to power though to the top of their jerks and presses with supreme confidence. It includes all the features of the WOD BOX 248, with a wing replacing the front Pull-up Bar. Available with or without plate storage facilities.

Height x width x depth (without storage): 2832mm x 1400mm x 2250mm
Height x width x depth (with storage): 2832mm x 1791mm x 2971mm



The slimline Octagon Half Squad frees up more space in your gym for users to work on strength and power routines. The space-saving design means it can sit flush to the wall. It is actually half the depth of the Octagon WOD BOX frames, so it’s ideal where space is limited. Four tiers of integrated equipment shelving give users quick access to functional equipment, reducing time in between sets.

Height x width x depth: 2408 mm x 5021mm x 1556mm

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