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Core Health & Fitness believes that when you set out to build something, the finished product is only as strong as its foundation. When the company united fitness brands from all corners of the industry, they settled for nothing but the best. Their four iconic brands Star Trac®, StairMaster®, Nautilus® and Schwinn® pioneered entire categories and revolutionized workouts. They have built muscle, confidence and performance, and it is their machines that fitness enthusiasts still ask for by name.

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New innovation, more perspiration

Decades after pioneering the toughest workout in the gym, our machines are still the ones members choose to push themselves to the limit. Today, we add new innovations to the StairMaster® portfolio that make hearts pound, lungs burn and keep members coming back to the workouts they love to hate.

Over the years, StairMaster®, has acquired the reputation as one of the largest manufacturers of exercise equipment in the fitness industry. For over 25 years,  StairMaster® has been regarded as one of the toughest cardiovascular machines on the globe. There are two legends about StairMaster®. One legend claims that  its “stepmill” or “stepper” has become a mainstay piece of equipment in the world’s finest fitness facilities. In any major gym or even an independent gym, you will find a StairMaster®. The second legend claims that it is the perfect machine to do any fitness job. StairMaster® combines vision, innovation, research, unsurpassed quality, and advanced technology dedicated to provide the best results. It is very different from its competitors in that it offers unique exercise techniques by encouraging the user to work out specific body parts rather than the entire body.

The Machine The Entire Gym Looks Up To

Beginning with the first stepping machine in 1983, StairMaster® has been a legendary name in the gym. Today the tradition continues with the Gauntlet®. Building on 30 years of experience and proven performance, the Gauntlet®. provides a superior combination of cardio and strength training in our most comfortable design ever.

The Stationary Bike Gets A Bad Attitude

The name known for some of the most demanding workouts in the gym now has a new workout your members will love to hate. Tested to withstand 1400 lbs of force, the AirFit™ offers a robust design and features dual action wind resistance that provides a total body cardio workout.

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