Brewer Fitness comprises a small group of people who are passionate about bringing the movement and adventure of rock climbing into the world of fitness. It is the innovation of Jeff and Conant Brewer, who launched the company in 1990. The Brewer cousins keep things simple, focus on the training, and hope their customers appreciate thoughtful craftsmanship that results in fun, motivational and quality equipment. They are passionately committed to their original designs and philosophy, and give the very best support to their customers.

Jeff and Conant specialise in a variety of creative climbing structures for all fitness facilities, climbing gyms, schools, rehabilitation centres and homes. Their infamous Laddermill® Ascender and Treadwall® provide users with a fresh, unique approach to full-body fitness training with vertical movement. Although adults remain their core audience, children and senior citizens have become some of their most enthusiastic customers. The Brewers love that vertical movement engages all ages and abilities.

Brewer Fitness is located just south of Boston, USA, on an old industrial park. Everything is built in-house with the drive to make as many of its products maintenance free. In the unlikely event that a Brewer Fitness piece should require attention, there is the protection of a full warranty. Brewer Fitness now distributes to an incredible 41 countries, 5 nation’s militaries and to every type of commercial and home training facility.

What is vertical movement?

The act of climbing is a basic movement of life. Humans have an innate drive and ability to crawl and climb even before they can walk. It is a natural instinct. Vertical movement encourages people to find their inner youth and return to one of life’s fundamental and most rewarding activities. It engages a wide range of muscle groups, offering users an adventurous way to improve their muscular and core strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.

Moving vertically promotes physical strength and mental balance, requiring you to solve problems and make swift decisions whilst the body is in motion. This stimulates the brain cells, promotes a quick motor response and increases muscle fibre recruitment. Due to the interplay of multiple components, climbers tend to develop a heightened sense of body awareness and confidence during their everyday lives. Vertical movement leaves the mind refreshed and focused with a sense of exhilaration. 

Brewer Fitness equipment offers the ultimate cross-training activity for a full-body, functional workout that is perfect for body sculpting, core-strength and weight loss. It helps you to focus purely on your movement, and to develop a new understanding of your body. More graceful and purposeful motion is a natural outcome of vertical movement. Like yoga, vertical movement enables you to build lean muscle. You learn to control your centre of gravity for improved balance and co-ordination.

The innovative Treadwall® provides a full-body climbing workout for strength, balance, and cardio training. It is based on 25 years of design and research into the rotating climbing wall. For fun, and serious training, the past two decades have seen the Treadwall® put to multiple uses throughout the world, earning itself a reputation for ingenuity and legendary durability. The freestanding Treadwall® is a compact and secure structure on which climbers are never more than two feet off the floor. When they finish their workout session or get tired, they can just step down. The Treadwall® uses Natural Pace Technology, for self-paced climbing, with changeable holds and angles. The wall adjusts automatically to allow users to find their most comfortable angle and rise to the challenge.


Brewer Fitness Vertical Movement

Treadwall® and Laddermill® Features:

Simplicity: There is nothing to strap on, nothing to start up and staffing requirements are minimal. On the Laddermill® and Treadwall® Pro machines, climbers adjust their rate of ascent and angle with a simple lever.

Reliability: Treadwall® has a proven track record. More than 2,000 machines are in place worldwide. Operation is reliable, maintenance is minimal and service is swift.

Fun: Climbing is rewarding and truly enjoyable.

Safety: Climbers are never more than 1-2 feet off the floor. When it’s time to stop, they just step down to the floor. The built-in auto-stop feature allows you to climb safely at any speed, without any safety equipment or harnesses.

• No experience necessary: If you can run, you can climb. Just hop on and go! You set the pace, and Treadwall® adjusts automatically as you climb.

• Benefits for all: Both experienced climbers and new users alike will instantly benefit from the core strength and balance gained from Treadwall® training.

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