The Golden Age of Fitness

Posted In Boutique Gyms News   |   12th June 2018

The dumbbell economy is booming. This is the “golden age of fitness,” where “growth will only be limited to the imagination of those pushing the boundaries.”

David Minton, the founder and managing director of LeisureDB, sums up boutique fitness:

“A gym’s success depends on cultivating this tribal loyalty, delivering a unique experience and then selling a product that marks out its members. Some of the most interesting clubs are those that are expanding into less obvious areas. We now have over 600 boutiques across the UK. They are growing faster than traditional gyms, as they have a smaller footprint, and can take pop-up spaces. One of the best examples is Boom Cycle at the Curtain hotel, in East London. The club takes over the hotel’s nightclub during the day, and then morphs back into a club at night”.

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