BXR London and Lamyland Selfridges Event

Posted In Boutique Gyms News   |   30th January 2018

As spectacular boutique boxing gym BXR celebrates its first birthday, and on the eve of the Selfridges Lamyland workout event, boxing is enjoying a thrilling renaissance. At Boutique gyms we have our sights firmly set on the phenomenon that is taking over the fitness world.

The collaboration between the London department store and artist, creative director and producer Michèle Lamy is an ingenious one. The boxing boutique’s retail pop-up has been running throughout the month of January and has featured exclusive designer partnerships with Versace, Off-White, Gareth Pugh, Koché, Stephen Jones and Owens to create boxing-inspired capsule collections. Launching on the first of February is the unique and exhilarating Lamyland fitness event. It sees the Ultralounge area on the lower ground floor of Selfridges converted into a fully-functioning boxing gym with workshops, an open training schedule and sessions, hosted by Lamy alongside boxers Anthony Joshua and Nicola Adams.

“Boxing is fascinating… more than a sport, it’s a state of mind,” Lamy says. “It’s the noble art.” With such celebrity devotees as Lamy, the rise of Rumble classes in the US and Virgin Active PUNCH workouts, boutique studios worldwide should be motivated by BXR to incorporate some serious jabbing into their workouts. Keeping clients’ endorphin levels high is ever-important, and gym managers will need to box clever or risk getting caught cold.

Boutique gyms’ recent installation at Virgin Active Twickenham takes boxing and innovative fitness to the next level with the introduction of 18 formidable Training Wall® panels and 9 stunningly exclusive black and white Ringside Boxing angle bags, ready for some explosive Virgin Active HEAT classes. Liverpool’s Signature Fit Club has an impressive ring for its BOX classes that would be the envy of any gym owner. However, we understand that not all boutique facility managers are heavyweight contenders, with the budget and space to be an international, or even national, knockout.

With our expertise and vast innovative product range at boutique gyms, setting your members sparring is a great deal more affordable, and economical that you might think. We have access to a multitude of boxing options and are currently captivated by The Stairmaster BoxMaster®, a super sturdy, compact training tool for boxing specialists and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Designed by professional boxer Rai Fazio, the BoxMaster® is great for improving stamina, coordination, agility and cardiovascular health. Its unique design allows members to throw any punch or combination of punches, with the feel of hitting a focus mitt. Catering to all user levels, the BoxMaster® encourages greater boxing style fitness participation. In just 30 minutes, through 7 active rounds of punching and 7 active recovery rounds, it hits every aspect of conditioning both aerobically and anaerobically. This new form of boxing style conditioning excites and encourages greater participation in group fitness training, and offers an entirely different and fun way to get in shape.

At boutique gyms we will be keeping an eager eye on BXR and Lamyland for more inspiration and ideas to help you pack a power punch in your fitness community.


Sharon Young

Marketing Manager




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