Sleek office fitness with Training Wall®

Posted In Boutique Advice   |   10th August 2019

Taking regular breaks from the desk is vital to maintain good health and posture, but tearing yourself away can be tricky. Why not take fitness to your office with Boutique gyms and Training Wall®?

A simple, sleek configuration, with panels now available in stylish black, an indoor cycle and your favourite accessories could transform your work area, and leave you feeling more energised and productive.

At Boutique gyms we believe in optimising your fitness space with state-of-the-art designs and the most inspiring equipment. We have invested in the finest design technology to make your wellness creation more time effective, affordable and exciting. We can convert your preliminary sketches into supreme quality visualisations, video explorations and the highest resolution renders.

No matter how large or small your home studio or commercial facility may be, we are on hand to offer the most exclusive, and economical, solutions for your space.


Sharon Young

Marketing Manager

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