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Posted In Boutique Advice   |   19th July 2018

Customising your gym kit is THE way forward to promote your brand and foster true community spirit at your fitness facility. What’s more, it’s easier and more affordable than you think.

Equipment that is customised with your colours and logo can provide perfect finishing touches and look super stylish. Using the highest-quality coatings and materials, you can create beautiful and unique cardio and strength equipment. Just look at the customised treadmills, indoor cycles and strength equipment frames that grace many of the gyms in the US and UK.

The bespoke options are endless, and evoke a huge sense of pride and belonging. Clients and staff alike love nothing more than to work out with Olympic bars, weight plates and dumbbells that feature a clear imprint of their club’s logo. Just imagine the impact of stunning, bespoke rubber/synthetic turf flooring, or beautiful customised oak weight lifting platforms and weights stack shrouds. Embroidered logos on gym upholstery provide the luxe factor, and wall graphics create a more edgy feel.

Customised equipment can not only be coloured and stamped to your requirements, it can also be adapted to fit your facility if height and space restrictions come into play. The Grappler and Training Wall are superb examples of such equipment. Do talk to the manufacturers and distributors of your dream fitness equipment. You’ll be amazed at what they can do for you.

At Boutique gyms we relish the thrill that customisation brings, and want to make your facility stand out from the crowd. Talk to us today about the huge range of opportunities available.


Sharon Young

Marketing Manager

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