Aviron understands that training can be monotonous. With this in mind, the Aviron specialists have created the most exciting and engaging workouts to transport you to scenic destinations, and terrain of fierce competition and self-reformation. Unleash endorphins, crush calories, strengthen muscle, and build endurance with Aviron‘s exhilarating challenges that connect you with others and hold you accountable to your goals. Aviron motivates you to work out more often and with greater intensity.

You won’t find a more versatile rower. At the highest resistance levels, Aviron builds strength. Choose a programme and let Aviron guide you through a HIIT style workout that takes you on and off the rower. Let Aviron’s AI automatically adjust your resistance or adjust the resistance using the touchscreen.

Whether you’re racing live against your peers, trying to out-row world-class athletes in “Pros vs Joes” or being chased by sharks, Aviron’s Tough Series Rower is a full commercial rowing machine designed to survive the usage demand of fitness facilities. Put an end to boring workouts and immerse yourself in intense, adrenalin-pumping challenges.

Travel to new destinations as you row through some of the world’s most pristine rivers, waterways, and lakes. Push your endurance within this immersive experience and see untouched regions of the world.