revvll ONE
The very best entry into endless rope training

Why you need endless rope training

Training with this rope trainer is more versatile than any other training form. Depending on your position towards the revvll ONE, and its mounting height, you have different pushing, pulling, and rotating movements that leave no muscles un-involved. With the adjustable resistance, the training focus can be shifted progressively between extreme strength and endurance. The unusually high time under tension, in combination with the unmatched freedom of movement, results in maximum training of the upper body in the shortest amount of time.

Comparison to the big brother

The revvll PRO uses a professional indirect braking system. This creates the optimal flow during training since the rope runs on smoothly when changing hands because the eddy current brake doesn’t immediately stop the rope. Additionally, the pre-defined adjustment settings make professional training programming easier.

The revvll ONE advantages

The rope of the revvll ONE can be moved in both directions and handling is very intuitive. The sturdy construction is very forgiving when it comes to rough handling and the resistance can be set progressively from very easy to extremely hard. The revvll ONE is also even more compact and lighter than the revvll PRO.

revvll ONE vs revvll PRO

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