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The revvll PRO is unlike any other rope training tool. It offers the most versatile endless rope training in the world. Train strength and endurance with pushing, pulling, and rotating movements against 6 adjustable resistances. With a 4m long and 25mm wide rope, weighing less than 6kg, it can be used almost anywhere. The revvll PRO is developed and manufactured in Germany, offering the highest quality for private users, personal trainers and gyms.


Why you need endless rope training

Endless rope trainers, or rope resistance trainers, provide probably the most effective way to train strength and endurance in the upper body and core. Since you stoop during training, your legs have to work hard too. Rope resistance training offers the highest time-under-tension, and a constant, but adjustable, resistance for all pushing and pulling movements. revvll® systems are extremely compact, light, and can be used almost anywhere.

Rope pull fitness on a new level

When we hear the term rope pull fitness, we think of battle ropes, rope climbing in the gym, training towers and other types of pulling apparatus. What about an endless rope? The revvll® rope trainer is the perfect fitness piece for your rope pull fitness.

The many advantages of rope pull training include:

  • High flexibility
  • Training of intermuscular coordination
  • Gentle strength training for rehabilitation
  • Complete motion sequences
  • Training of sport specific movements
  • Low risk of injury

The advantages of the revvll® rope pull trainer

The greatest advantage of the revvll® is its small size and mobility. revvll® endless rope trainers can be used indoors as well as outdoors; wherever you have something to hang on. Thanks to the anchor sling and the anchor carabiner included, the revvll PRO can be hung from almost any structure. Hang them on any rack, rig, pole, climbing frame or tree and rope pull training can begin. For a more stable mounting of the revvll® we recommend using two carabiners. The anchor point must be able to withstand a tensile load of at least 300kg (660lbs).

The adjustable resistance of the endless rope trainer offers excellent strength training opportunities and demanding endurance training. Pulling exercises are possible from above, horizontally and from below, as with pulling towers. revvll® rope trainers are hugely motivating and fun to use in paired exercises.

Rope pull exercises with different resistances

The adjustable resistance is a central element of the revvll® to allow rope climbing for every trainee, whether they are rehabilitation patients or professional athletes. The revvll PRO uses a professional indirect braking system. This creates the optimal flow during training since the rope runs on smoothly when changing hands, because the eddy current brake doesn’t immediately stop the rope. The pre-defined adjustment settings make professional training programming easier.  For strength training you choose a higher resistance, and if endurance is your main goal, the lighter resistances will be your choice.


Product Features;

  • Patented and most advanced endless rope trainer
  • Excellent strength and endurance training opportunities
  • Push, pull, and rotate against 6 adjustable resistances
  • Extremely compact, light, and can be used almost anywhere
  • Professional indirect braking system creates optimal flow
  • Online DVD with introduction video, training plans and real time workouts
  • Includes anchor sling with second carabiner for ultimate stability, exercise poster and manual



Rope dimensions: Length: 4m, Width: 25mm, Weight: 6kg

Total weight: 15kg

Warranty: 1 year

Revvll Pro

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